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Q. Do you take precautions in this time of the corona virus (CoVid19) pandemic?

Yes. We have safety protocols for our members and volunteers developed in accordance with the VT State Department of Health and the CDC. We ask everyone to engage in frequent hand washing, wear masks and distance at least 6 feet between people. Drivers ask their passengers to sit in the back seat and both wear masks.

Q. How much does it cost to be a member of Lamoille Neighbors?

 There is a yearly membership fee of $300.00 for an individual. Couples have a yearly membership fee of $450.00. Some scholarshsips may be available for a portion of the fee.

Are there any fees to become a volunteer?

No! Our volunteers are a crucial part of our organization.


Q. Why does it cost money to be a member of Lamoille Neighbors?

 Lamoille Neighbors has expenses that include software, insurance, national village network dues, volunteer background checks, copying, mailings, sponsoring some events and the expense of one part-time employee. We also provide masks and hand sanitizer as needed.

Q. What do I get for my membership fee?

Members are entitled to a variety of services, approximately 8 per month, provided by our vetted volunteers. Also, there is inclusion in activities and events for members, opportunities for socialization with appropriate distancing and friendships at outside gatherings; zoom virtual discussions, exercise, and presentations; a weekly check-in phone call if desired; visits safely arranged; and members can get the “helper’s high” from the choice of volunteering.

 Q. What services are provided?

  • Computer and Technology Help:For Mac, PC or both, volunteers can show how tablets work, get you online for a zoom event, and help with your phone or TV.                                                                                                                                                               
  • Gardening:We offer light weeding, planting, raking-particularly spring and fall clean up, watering the garden, and help with indoor plants       
  • Handy workVolunteers, wearing masks and taking safety precautions offer light assistance around the home involving reaching, lifting, carrying heavy loads and help with some tasks such as: change a light bulb, hang a picture, carry out the recycling or pull-out the garbage cans, stack firewood, changing storm windows and screens, light rearranging of furniture, clean gutters, minor home repairs, and changing the batteries in smoke & CO2 detectors.     
  • Social Activities: A volunteer could come to your home wearing a mask and provide a friendly visit, visit outdoors, read aloud books/magazines or documents, read email or snail mail messages, sort mail, play cards or board games, work on a puzzle, listen to personal stories, just chatting, go for a walk in the neighborhood, deliver and return library book, pick up mail, get stamps, help wrap presents, box packages, provide respite for a few hours for a member who is a family caregiver, sew on a button, mend a seam, or hem a dress or pants.                                                                                                                                                                
  • Transportation/Driving: Volunteer drivers will take a member to an appointment, event, or location as desired, such as take a member to do grocery shopping or shop and deliver groceries. Drivers can take a member to the beauty salon, a medical appointment, to church or synagogue or a meeting, to a movie or performance. Both the driver and passenger in the back seat must wear masks and use hand sanitizer.                                                                                                                                               
  • Navigate the Healthcare System: A volunteer can assist with filling out forms, take notes during a visit to a medical provider, straighten out insurance forms and assist with scheduling follow-up appointments.
  • Pre & Post Surgery Care (short term):Volunteers can provide meals post-surgery, take care of pet’s needs (feeding, walking, change kitty litter), and do some light housework, laundry all while wearing masks and taking safety precautions.

Q. How do I know Volunteers are Safe to Come to My Home?

All volunteers for Lamoille Neighbors are vetted, which means that a criminal background check has been passed before a volunteer is accepted and allowed to work with our members. Our volunteers have health safety protocols they are required to follow for everyone’s safety.

Q. How do I get these services?

Members with a computer can put in a Service Request on the website, or email us at  If you do not have a computer, just call the office at 802-585-1233 and someone will see about arranging a Volunteer for you. We ask that you give us notice of at least a week before you need services.

 Q. How do I volunteer for Lamoille Neighbors?

 Anyone who is interested can contact us by applying online on our website, emailing, or calling the office at 802-585-1233 and someone will get back to you within 24 – 48 hours. Lamoille Neighbors appreciates our volunteers and we have a Volunteer Coordinator who will provide instructions on what is required of our volunteers through the Volunteer Handbook and secure the required criminal background check, and driver’s background check if applicable. Volunteers will be trained on how to work with our system of providing services to our members. Our members are so appreciative of having the means to get transportation when they cannot drive; to get help with the household maintenance tasks that are overwhelming to them, yet usually take a few minutes for a volunteer to complete; and to get any assistance a volunteer can offer because it makes life a bit easier for them. 

All our volunteers must follow the latest Department of Health Corona Virus Safety Protocols. All volunteers must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19.

Q. I still have questions; how do I get my questions answered?                     

We will be glad to answer any of your questions. Just call us at 802-585-1233 or email us at and someone will get back to you within 24- 48 hours.