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Volunteering has benefits both to the recipient and to the volunteer. By volunteering, we satisfy our innate need to help others. We expand our sense of community, form connections to our neighbors, and gain a sense of purpose. Of course, it does not cost anything to volunteer!

Below are some of the services our volunteers provide. You are not required to volunteer for all services. Only do those that you feel comfortorable and capable of doing. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • Provide transportation to medical and personal appointments as
    well as other services needed by members such as getting groceries, medications, and other essential supplies 
  • Friendly visits and/or phone calls.
  • In-Home assistance with organzing and other miscellaenous tasks such as changing a light bulb or help hanging a picture
  • Handy work such as occasional light gardening, or help moving heavier items
  • Technical/Computer and Home Office Support
  • Join a Lamoille Neighbors Committee (Social & Cultural, Technology, Grant
     Writing, or Financial) and share your skills and background to join us in the growth
     and development of our mission.
  • Contribute to the Lamoille Neighbors’ Newsletter by sending pictures of
     art work, photography, poems, and writings for possible submission.